Global tax opportunities: Making tax work for your organisation in uncertain times

28 February 2023
In this new era of globalisation, it’s more important than ever for multinational organisations to lower tax compliance risks and ensure that they’re maximising tax efficiencies and incentives.

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Governments and lawmakers around the world are pressuring tax authorities to collect more revenues, particularly from multinational corporations. Those corporations are facing considerable additional challenges, from rising interest rates to geopolitical tensions that have increased energy costs to strained supply chains and protectionist legislation.

In this webinar, our experts will discuss how you can make tax work for your organisation rather than simply create administrative and financial burdens. They will look at the following:

  • Understanding global transfer pricing, including how to reposition cash and ensure profits are allocated in a tax-efficient, compliant manner
  • Reducing global indirect tax and tax withholding leakage
  • Using tax-efficient global entity rationalisation to increase efficiencies, improve operational transparency and significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with maintaining needlessly complex organisational structures
  • Reviewing company operations for potential tax incentives and research and development claim opportunities
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