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If money makes the world go round, legal entities hold it together.

At Vistra, we help hundreds of thousands of legal entities mobilise people to seize opportunity and make a difference in the world.


Cross-border capital

To capture opportunity in today’s markets, you might be looking to expand your fund operations cross-borders, attract inflows from new investors or deploy capital within new areas, sectors or industries.

To achieve this, you need a trusted partner.

International Expansion & Operational Support

International Expansion

International expansion is essential to unlocking global opportunity for any business.

Whether you hope to gain a competitive advantage or attract top talent abroad, the expansion process is a complex and exciting endeavour for any company, and to be successful, you’ll need a trusted partner.


Employer of Record

Grow your business quickly - with our Employer of Record international PEO service.

We believe that every firm should be able to expand overseas with speed and confidence. With our EOR service you provide the talent and we’re there to take on the responsibility of hiring and paying them while ensuring you meet your tax and reporting obligations.


As your business seeks growth opportunities in new areas, you will face challenge and complexity. Work with a trusted partner to help you manage risk, deliver efficiencies and navigate different regulatory environments.


Private Equity

You want to focus on the performance of your investments and making the right decisions. But in the private equity world there are complex regulatory and administrative essentials that can’t be avoided. In fact, they need constant vigilance. That’s where we come in.

Private Equity

Real Estate

No longer an alternative within alternatives, Real Estate is emerging as an asset class on its own and managing funds and deal structures can be complex and meaningful in terms of future success.

Real Estate

Capital Markets

You need a range of services that offer efficiency and transparency in a world of shifting regulatory and technological change. We support issuers, lenders and investors with a comprehensive, customised range of services in key financial centres.

Capital Markets

Private Wealth

We work with you to create, preserve and transfer your family’s wealth, wherever you and your family are in the world.

Private Wealth

Vistra Trends '22

From new ESG standards to a global race for talent, we've broken down the major trends shaping 2022 for businesses and investors around the world.
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The compliance advantage: Strengthen these four areas to get an edge in 2022

Every multinational company is aware of the stakes of noncompliance. Data protection fines and tax penalties can run into the millions, and related reputational damage can cripple an organisation overnight. In this webinar, four Vistra experts will discuss the most important compliance areas multinational organisations should address when bolstering their compliance programs
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Client Portals

Access our range of online tools and portals designed to help our clients seize opportunities to take their business to the next level.

Intermediaries and Partners

When it comes to working with professional advisors and intermediaries, Vistra is an acknowledged industry leader. Our deep technical expertise comes from years of experience doing it worldwide.

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15 Mar 2022

每一家企业的国际拓展之旅都是独一无二的,因为各家企业的目标和风险承受能力不同,各个目的国或地区的税法、劳动法及移民法等法律法规也差异甚大。 《国际拓展:海外业务机构设立及运营指引》旨在帮助您在准备进入海外新市场前,系统全面地考量国际拓展团队的组建、预算的制定、法人实体的选择、时间表的制定等方面,同时,对国际拓展中的常见误区也进行了提示,以帮助您最大程度地降低风险、发挥优势。…


【欧盟经济实质】影片系列: #8 实体如何证明「经济实质」?瑞致达如何帮助您遵守实质法?

10 Sep 2019

Before a company decides to establish ‘economic substance’ in any offshore jurisdiction, it is crucial for it to have gained a full understanding of its classification in relation to the substance legislation. Should a company…

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