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Vistra 2030: Are you ready for a new era of globalisation?

Ten reports published, hundreds of interviews conducted, over 3,000 surveys completed. Find out how a new globalisation is changing global business and investment and what it means for your firm.
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Seize opportunity

If money makes the world go round, legal entities hold it together.

At Vistra, we help hundreds of thousands of legal entities mobilise people to seize opportunity and make a difference in the world.

Discover the extra ordinary.

Making extraordinary possible

From iconic landmarks to record-breaking rock concerts, we take you behind the scenes of some spectacular success stories. Discover the extra ordinary that goes into achieving the extraordinary.

Cross-border capital

To capture opportunity in today’s markets, you might be looking to expand your fund operations cross-borders, attract inflows from new investors or deploy capital within new areas, sectors or industries.

To achieve this, you need a trusted partner.

International Expansion & Operational Support

International Expansion

International expansion is essential to unlocking global opportunity for any business.

Whether you hope to gain a competitive advantage or attract top talent abroad, the expansion process is a complex and exciting endeavour for any company, and to be successful, you’ll need a trusted partner.


Employer of Record

Grow your business quickly - with our Employer of Record international PEO service.

We believe that every firm should be able to expand overseas with speed and confidence. With our EOR service you provide the talent and we’re there to take on the responsibility of hiring and paying them while ensuring you meet your tax and reporting obligations.


As your business seeks growth opportunities in new areas, you will face challenge and complexity. Work with a trusted partner to help you manage risk, deliver efficiencies and navigate different regulatory environments.


Private Equity

You want to focus on the performance of your investments and making the right decisions. But in the private equity world there are complex regulatory and administrative essentials that can’t be avoided. In fact, they need constant vigilance. That’s where we come in.

Private Equity

Real Estate

No longer an alternative within alternatives, Real Estate is emerging as an asset class on its own and managing funds and deal structures can be complex and meaningful in terms of future success.

Real Estate

Capital Markets

You need a range of services that offer efficiency and transparency in a world of shifting regulatory and technological change. We support issuers, lenders and investors with a comprehensive, customised range of services in key financial centres.

Capital Markets

Private Wealth

We work with you to create, preserve and transfer your family’s wealth, wherever you and your family are in the world.

Private Wealth

Adding extra to the ordinary to help you achieve extraordinary

How extra attention to the fundamental operations of your business can help you work smarter, grow faster, lower your risk, to perform the extraordinary.

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Client Portals

Access our range of online tools and portals designed to help our clients seize opportunities to take their business to the next level.

Intermediaries and Partners

When it comes to working with professional advisors and intermediaries, Vistra is an acknowledged industry leader. Our deep technical expertise comes from years of experience doing it worldwide.

Our insights


经济实质 – 主要离岸司法管辖区经济实质法规的实际影响及案例研究

31 5月 2022

经济实质 (ES) 法规已出台三年,并随着后续司法管辖区发布的指南以及相关监管部门发布的公告而不断发展完善。 专题线上研讨会召开在即,现诚邀您参会聆听瑞致达专家的意见,他们将在会上总结、回顾并交流英属维尔京群岛、开曼群岛等主要离岸司法管辖区当前经济实质规则的适用范围以及实际影响。 专家将讨论我们所了解的最新信息,并通过研究实践案例和介绍解决方案,为您提供实用建议。…


专题线上研讨会: 香港有限合伙基金制度解读(二)

12 10月 2020

香港有限合伙基金制度解读(二) 深入探讨在新HKLPF制度下的基金设立 附带权益税务优惠的最新情况 在本场的线上研讨会,我们很荣幸再次邀请到几位专家来为大家提供有关新基金平台的实用见解、并深入探讨在新HKLPF制度下的基金设立及附带权益税务优惠的最新情况。 请即报名参加以了解更多!   观看回放视频   10月23日 | 3:30pm HKT | 普通话   香港有限合伙基金条例于二零二零年八月三十一日生效,…

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