Our Reading office is in the heart of UK’s Silicon Valley, 30 miles west of London and close to Heathrow Airport.

Our team provides a full range of corporate services to growing businesses including accounting, tax compliance, human resources and payroll.  We work with domestic and international companies & groups and have sector focus in Technology and Lifesciences. 

Reading is the regional HQ for Vistra’s International Expansion Services working with businesses as they move into overseas markets including UK as an important international location in its own right.  The Reading team also act as a hub, working closely with all other Vistra offices, Vistra Alliance member firms and other partners, providing a Single Point of Contact International Expansion solutions for our multinational clients as they set up operations in US, UK, Europe, LATAM, Asia Pacific and elsewhere.

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Vistra International Expansion aims to offer a highly professional service to all of our clients. Feedback is important to us so that we can learn and improve. If you have any feedback you wish to share with us, please send an email to or use the contact form below.


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Start-ups have specific needs when they are setting up abroad; above all, they need to stay flexible. They need to be able to set up and test overseas while keeping initial investment low. 

At Vistra we offer scalable, cost-effective international accounting, payroll, tax, HR, legal, and back-office services. Our support enables our clients to stay flexible while they grow their business overseas. We specialize in providing critical business support and guidance through key launch phases and help start-up companies to strategically access and expand to new markets.

Through providing strategic counsel beyond our services and support, we have become a trusted partner to start-up companies that often need more guidance through key growth phases and M&A activities.

We've got all the bases covered 

From finance to legal, HR and tax compliance, our local experts take care of everything leaving you time to concentrate on the things that matter most to your business. 

We keep you compliant 

It can take years to familiarise yourself with local tax regimes and statutory filing requirements in each country. We’ll help you to avoid costly tax and reporting mistakes. 

We understand US corporate culture 

As individuals, we've worked at senior levels within finance departments for US-headquartered companies with international operations around the globe. 

Our reach is truly global 

Through our network of international offices and local experts, we currently support more than 200 legal entities in over 40 countries. 

We keep it simple 

With Vistra as a partner, you never have to deal with multiple service providers. All fees and communications are managed through a dedicated single point of contact. 

Are you planning to set up business abroad, or just gathering information about how and where you might start? We would be happy to hear about your plans and discuss how Vistra can help.

Accounting Services

Vistra Reading has a professional team of experienced accountants who actively work  with multinational companies to manage local statutory compliance and administrative reporting.

We understand the needs of complex businesses and serve all types of entities, from start-ups and early ventures to large global corporates. Our efficient approach assists business owners and stakeholders to achieve their business ambitions. We concentrate on providing the right solutions for our clients, a service that is always tailored, practical and flexible.

Our team includes specialists in the areas of local tax law, corporate structures and experienced in the technology and life science sectors.

International HR & Payroll

The most valuable asset to any organisation are the individuals who operate within the business. Outsourcing your HR and Payroll functions can prove a very cost effective and valuable resource to businesses operating both within the UK and overseas markets.

The efficiency of the HR department is a vital component of the business management function and one that affects each individual working within the company on a personal level. Employees are dependent on the payroll department’s accuracy and punctuality to avoid personal disruption of their personal finances. 

At a local level we act for businesses by providing advice on all areas relating to Human Resources. For many of our International clients we act as the local arm of the parent company’s HR. 

We offer also offer our clients a fully outsourced payroll service, so you can be sure you are fulfilling your payroll obligations by retaining a skilled team with the latest knowledge on local guidelines.

Our dedicated and experienced tax specialists understand international tax law. They offer clients the security and comfort that their tax affairs are being co-ordinated and overseen by experienced professionals. Our tax team work closely with all the other departments in the firm to ensure that all of our services to clients are carried out in the most tax efficient manner. 

An understanding of, and the correct implementation of, appropriate corporate and taxation structures is business critical. Taxation is complex and varies considerably across territories.  Failure to comply in any jurisdiction can result in hefty fines, reputational damage and overbearing scrutiny by the country's tax authorities.  Robust strategic tax planning has earned our team acclaim from a variety of clients for their prowess in complex cross border planning.

Our clients include owner-managed businesses and international companies of all sizes.  We often work with existing professional advisers across multiple territories to achieve an effective integrated tax strategy for our clients.

Our taxation services include:

  • Statutory compliance
  • Strategic Tax planning
  • Shareholder Tax planning  
  • Personal Tax
  • Employee taxes
  • Specialist tax services
  • VAT

We work with US companies to set them up in any jurisdiction across the world.

Many of our Global Services team have backgrounds working for US parent companies and therefore have a keen knowledge and awareness of the tight reporting deadlines and US corporate culture. 

We also work with a wide variety of start-ups and global companies backed by venture capital and private equity investors, so we understand the demands and information you will need.

Our insight provided you with a trusted partner that can help guide you through the international expansion process whether you are going to Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, India or anywhere else your market demands.

Our team of tech industry veterans have over a decade of experience providing expansion services for growing technology and life science companies.

We are specialized in guiding start-ups and established companies in their international expansion.

Our role is to meet all your international back office, compliance and ad-hoc business needs. We do this by providing the complete range of services needed to establish a new entity and keep it running well on a daily basis. We start with putting the basics in place for a strong start; once we have helped you set up successfully we move to taking care of the day-to-day activities; this includes the vital task of looking after your people, your most important asset, and making sure your company is compliant at all times.



"Vistra has been a trusted partner of Blurb’s international operation since 2007, encompassing accounting, audit, tax and HR for our UK entity.  It is absolutely essential to have local representation that is available to our employees and to help the company navigate the many different legal, tax, payroll, and benefit issues in the UK, which are materially different than the practices in the US. I have impressed by their ability to draw on resources globally that relate to the proper treatment of VAT related compliance.  Blurb prints and distributes books, magazines and eBooks to over 80 countries world-wide; this requires an expertise and bandwidth beyond what we could not have accomplished without Vistra’s support. The degree of transparency, professionalism, approachability, thoroughness, follow-through and pro-activeness demonstrated by the team at Vistra are not only top notch, but definitely leave me with the impression that they have Blurb’s best interest at heart."

Gene Domecus
Chief Operating Officer, Blurb, Inc & Director, Blurb UK Ltd


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