We offer a comprehensive, integrated range of business advisory services to blue chip corporates, asset, fund and property managers from our offices in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Soest. These services, combined with our strong sector expertise in real estate and private equity, provide a unique end to end solution for our clients.  In Germany we can also provide a full suite of audit, tax consultancy, legal advisory and management consultancy services.

Our services in Germany include:

Vistra GmbH & Co. KG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Universitaetsstrasse 71
D-50931 Cologne
+49 221 800 508 0
+49 221 800 508 50

Sedico Management GmbH
Am Treptower Park 75
12435 Berlin-Treptow

Vistra (Germany) GmbH,
Westendstrasse 28,
D-60325 Frankfurt,
+49 69 5830 35700
+49 69 5830 35709

Vistra GmbH & Co. KG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Zippelhaus 5
D-20457 Hamburg

Vistra GmbH & Co. KG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Birketweg 31
D-80639 Munich
+49 89 13 99 000
+49 89 13 99 0040

Vistra Property Management GmbH
Brüggering 7b,
59494 Soest
+49 29 21 7007 150
+49 29 21 7007 100

Global markets, increasing regulation and investors’ growing demand for information are changing the world of Alternative Investments (AI) creating more requirements for managers. 

Vistra is a highly specialized, global services provider in the alternative investments market. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions providing asset and investment managers, alongside investors, with a single-service- provider proposition; we coordinate all regulatory, legal, tax and investor-relevant services for alternative investments.

In addition, we offer all necessary services for the performance-oriented real estate property management through Vistra Property Management GmbH.


Private equity

As a fund manager, your focus is on identifying investment opportunities and generating returns for your investors. As an outsourcing partner for institutional investors, we take ownership and coordinate all regulatory, legal, tax and investor-relevant services for alternative investments.

Real Estate

With a global real estate portfolio and a wide range of funds, you require an experienced service provider. We offer support for each level of investment activity: the establishment of an alternative investment fund, its daily management and the provision of real estate management services.

Establishment and administration of real estate funds and real estate holding companies

We work as an extension of your team and will coordinate with your other advisors to ensure the smooth and efficient launch of your alternative investments. We ensure compliance with supervisory regulations, maintain investor registers, generate results notices, and make contact with investors (eg for capital invoices, distributions and reporting).

Our services

Design and structuring of AIFs

We can design and structure closed and open alternatives of investment funds of all asset classes, prepare sales prospectus, investment conditions and essential investment information. 

Regulatory advice

We support all aspects regarding regulation. We will report to ESMA and the Federal Bank as well as take care of VAG reporting, the Solvency II reporting and the Fatca reports. We assist you with your KYC processes and assume the tasks for you according to the Money Laundering Act.

Fund Administration

In the field of fund administration, we take care of the data and cash management, the coordination of the various service providers, reporting to the investors and monitoring of compliance with contractual deadlines and obligations. We also manage remuneration statements (fees / carry) for you. We can domicile your companies in our offices, and we will also take over the management, if that is requested.

Accounting / financial statements

We prepare the current accounts for the investment companies and the annual report or annual financial statements according to HGB (German Commercial Law) or IFRS at the end of the fiscal year. The support of your audit of annual financial statements is a given.


While Vistra reports to the investors we also generate notifications of capital invoices and profit distributions as well as the preparation of tax returns and notification of investor results.

Vistra Property Management is located in Soest, Germany and provides real estate management for local and global clients in Germany. 

The Property Management team takes charge of everything for their clients and offers a complete range of commercial and technical services. Optimisation of costs, contract management and comprehensible reporting are fundamental to the service Vistra Property Management provides.

Vistra Property Management specialise in the following services;

  • Commercial Property Management 
  • Technical Property Management 
  • Letting and sale
  • Reporting
  • Value Added Services


For further information, please visit the Property Management website.

Business set-up

You want to start your own business? The legally relevant subjects in the context of a set-up consultation are versatile. In particular, we can offer you the following services:

  • Advice on the right corporate legal entity
  • Drafting articles of association and shareholder agreements
  • Draft agreements on acquisition of companies (SPA)
  • Preparation of business plans

Accounting and preparation of annual financial statements

  • Proper bookkeeping significantly contributes to your business success. We are ready to assume this core task for you – in full or in part. 
  • Ongoing financial and asset accounting
  • Ongoing reporting
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements for statutory, tax and IFRS purposes including disclosures.


The calculation of current income taxes, social security contributions, additional benefits and holiday allowances, etc. requires a wide range of expertise. In particular, we offer the following services:

  • Current payroll services
  • Assistance with income tax audits, social insurance audits and wage tax consultancy

Tax returns

We provide the following services:

  • Preparation of company tax declarations
  • Support with tax audits
  • Information on all important changes in the local tax law
  • Tax optimization
  • Support during fiscal audits
  • Electronic transmission of tax returns

Private Clients

As a private customer you can benefit from our extensive expertise in economic and tax matters, in particular:

  • Current tax issues
  • Assistance with successor concepts and inheritance tax
  • Purchase and sale of companies and business units
  • Old age pension and asset building

Our interdisciplinary team of tax advisors and lawyers offer support for our private clients and in all personal, economic, legal and tax matters.

Business set-up

Your business is developing well and you are thinking about expanding into a new market.

Our colleagues abroad can provide you with the following services:

  • Advice on choosing the right corporate legal entity
  • Company set-up
  • Tax optimization of company and asset structures
  • Optimization of acquisitions and sales of shareholdings
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Tax registration and statutory registrations

Company internal services

The Vistra team of experts can advise clients on setting up their business and assist with the opening of the bank account.


The Vistra team provides support in the country of your choice in all aspects of accounting, which is the basis for the economic and financial management of the company.

Our services range from pure implementation and control functions in accounting to full-service concepts, in which, in addition to professional accounting and payroll accounting, we also handle further documentation and controlling tasks for you.


All our reports are transparent and customer-designed and will be delivered at the time you require them. In addition to the local GAAP, we also observe international accounting standards, if necessary.

Assistance with annual audits

We coordinate our services in compliance with the requirements of external and internal auditors. We support your team in drawing up the annual financial statements audit and prepare your financial figures for audit purposes.

Human Resources

The (international) legislation on wage and salary accounting has become more complex over the years with mandatory online transfers and complex penalties for non-conformity becoming an integral part thereof.

We at Vistra offer full payroll service, which you can use to ensure that you meet all payroll related requirements.

Transfer of payroll accounts

Decision-makers increasingly view auditing as an opportunity to identify and utilize options for optimisation within the company.

You can only take advantage of opportunities if you are aware of them. Annual financial statement audits are the perfect opportunity to identify and exploit the potential that exists to make optimisations in your company. We're the partner who can help you to do this.

In addition, our professionals can provide you with expertise and extensive experience in the area of trust, audit and transactions in order to fully comply with your requirements.

Working together, we can use auditing as an instrument to develop efficient solutions and identify potential risks in a timely manner.

Execution of audits

  • Audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with HGB and IFRS
  • Annual financial statements of companies, institutions and investment funds in the regulated environment in accordance with the KWG, the KAGB and the HGB
  • Audit of the annual financial statements of leasing and factoring companies
  • Audit in accordance with the MaBV as well as the FinVermV according to § 34c and § 34f of the “Gewerbeordnung”
  • Verification of reporting obligations and rules of conduct in compliance with the WPHG
  • Audit of Shared Service Centers ISAE 3402, IDW PS 951, SSAE 16
  • Sustainability audit or review IDW EPS 821
  • Assurance – support in implementing the sustainability criteria for institutions and enterprises ISAE 3000
  • Review of interim financial statements and specific balance sheets
  • Review of financial statements
  • Review and optimization of internal control systems
  • Audit and implementation of risk management and monitoring systems

Reports and special audits

  • Preparation and audit of company valuations
  • Other asset assessment report
  • Statutory impairment tests and certificates
  • Start-up, conversion and merger reviews

IT Audit

  • Software audits
  • Software-related internal control system audit
  • Software audit according to IDW PS 880

The fulfillment of statutory requirements and the organisation of the fiscal interests of a company, as well as private individuals are becoming increasingly complex, incomprehensible and difficult.  

Services in the start-up phase

  • Tax optimisation of company and asset structures
  • Optimisation of acquisitions and divestments
  • Advice on financing and capital procurement
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Provision of support measures
  • Tax registration and statutory registrations

Ongoing tax advice and support

  • Preparation of tax returns and tax balances
  • Tax law enforcement and representation against financial authorities and courts
  • Support and assistance for external tax audits
  • Financial accounting and VAT filings
  • Payroll accounting and payroll tax advice

Tax consultancy services

  • Tax optimisation during restructuring and for company sales / purchases
  • Set up of structures for transfer pricing and preparation of related documentation
  • Company and asset succession

International tax aspects

As a global company, Vistra can provide you with comprehensive advice and support for many cross-border issues, both through our international offices and subsidiaries:

  • Branch taxation, legal entity selection and advice
  • Transfer pricing and documentation
  • Tax burden comparisons
  • International personnel secondments

Our services for private individuals

We advise and support private individuals on all topics related to taxation:

  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Advising on acquisition, financing and sale of real estate
  • Inheritance and donations

If you have any questions and would like to discuss how we could assist you and your business,  please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

+49 221 800 508 0
+49 221 800 508 50
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