What UK employers need to know about IR35 changes

26 January 2021
What private sector businesses need to know about upcoming IR35 changes

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26 January 2021 | EMEA 11AM GMT | Americas 1PM EST

If your business hires contractors or temporary workers in the UK, you’re likely familiar with off-payroll working rules, commonly referred to as IR35. IR35 regulations aim to combat tax avoidance by workers who inappropriately bill their services through personal service companies, or PSCs. Until relatively recently, these workers were responsible for determining their own status as workers, either as regular employees or contractors.  

In 2017, the UK reformed its IR35 rules for the public-sector, shifting the responsibility of IR35 assessments from the individual to the employer. Initially, these provisions were set to be extended to the private sector in April 2020, but the reforms were postponed by a year in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

From 6 April 2021, the responsibility for IR35 compliance will be extended to medium and large-sized companies in the private sector. Organisations that fall within scope of the new legislation need to be prepared for these changes if they want to reduce risk and avoid costly penalties.  

This webinar will take a close look at IR35 rules to help you determine if your business must comply with the new requirements, and, if so, the steps you'll need to take. 

Here are the topics we'll cover: 

  • Summary of IR35   
  • Determining if your business must comply with the new rules 
  • Preparing private sector organisations for IR35 compliance


Bill Kirwan Victoria McMeel