Webinar - Cross-border funds: trends, challenges and opportunities

7 December 2021
Learn in two 30-minute sessions the key trends around cross-border funds from our Private Equity experts at Vistra. Register for one of our webinar sessions below.

With so many different elements to consider when setting up and deploying a fund across different borders it’s easy to make the wrong call or not think about something that later down the line can cause problems. 

We’ve called upon our global funds experts to share their knowledge so you can ensure that when you establish your next overseas fund it goes as smoothly as possible.

They’ll dig into each stage of the fund lifecycle from setting up a ManCo through to that all important M&A carve-outs, walking us through the trends that they’re seeing, sharing their experience and what are the most important things to consider at each stage to navigate around the complexity. 

Join Tamara Sablic, Rosemary McCollin, Tomas Tobolka, Virginia Strelen and Gunjan Shah in our two-part webinar series as they discuss:

Webinar 1: Setting up a ManCo & a new cross-border fund. 

Topics includes:

  • US 2021 trends
  • Post-Brexit European distribution – which countries are winning?
  • Singapore VCC opportunities
  • Q&A


Webinar 2: Identifying new investment opportunities and M&A carve-outs

Topics includes:

  • Cross-border SPV’s and how to choose the right jurisdiction
  • Complexity for PE houses when it comes to cross-border investments
  • Key operational considerations for M&A carve outs
  • Q&A and more



Discussion panel: