Webinar: Are you ready for Economic Substance?

20 February 2020
We are well into Q1 of 2020 – but are you ready for Economic Substance? Has your BVI entity taken the necessary steps to come into Economic Substance compliance by 30 June 2020?

Did you know that the BVI International Tax Authority has released a second revision of the Economic Substance Rules on 10 February 2020, following an initial version published in late 2019? Vistra recognises that you may have questions about these changes and how they may impact your entity.

Join our upcoming webinar on 28 February 2020 where Vistra’s Regulatory Compliance experts will address questions including: 

  • What are the latest updates to the Rules?
  • Will the amendments affect my BVI entity?
  • How can I ensure that my BVI entity comes into Economic Substance compliance?
  • How can I ensure my BVI entity is in good standing? 
  • How can Vistra support me holistically with Economic Substance compliance and solutions?

This informative webinar will be led by Leon Mao, Head of Company Formations, North Asia, and Elsa Chow, Senior Manager, Regulations & Reporting.

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