Vistra launches Employer of Record service

5 May 2021
Vistra launches its Employer of Record service to support the full lifecycle of doing business internationally.

For organisations looking to build teams around the world in locations where they do not have a local entity, the EOR service is a strategic solution. It provides companies the ability to access local talent in their target location in a quick and seamless manner while complying with all the required regulations.  

“The EOR service is designed to support both well-established global firms as well as growing organisations who are looking to expand internationally for the first time,” shared William Douglas, Chief Commercial Officer, Vistra. 

“In particular, many technology organisations find the EOR service helpful as they look to scale quickly around the world. In addition, it’s a valuable solution for companies undergoing M&A and carve out transactions as it reduces complexities and increases the pace in which these transactions are completed. The need for this type of service has been further accelerated by the increase in remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” said William.

EOR is a strong complement to Vistra’s existing international expansion services that support a broad spectrum of clients from start-ups to scale ups to IPOs. Vistra’s international expansion services are designed to manage the complexity and administration that comes with global expansion and to support the full lifecycle of doing business internationally. All this is underpinned by cutting-edge technology and experienced Vistra local advisors.

“As specialists in tax, compliance, accounting and company formation, the Vistra team has a deep understanding of what it takes to expand successfully across borders and can provide expert guidance on these complex issues,” shared William. “They partner closely with clients to best understand their needs and provide recommendations on the right solutions. As companies become more advanced in their operating model and global footprint, we are excited to now be able to offer the EOR service to help our clients achieve their business ambitions.”

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