Switching fund administrators: A checklist for fund managers

4 August 2023
Managing alternative investment funds is demanding, with proliferating country-specific regulations, time zone differences and other challenges.

Cross-border fund management often involves overseeing multiple fund administration services providers that may have incompatible platforms and collect and store information in different ways. Switching to a single provider can reduce costs and inefficiencies, but the process must be managed correctly to avoid needless complexities.

A fund manager looking to switch from multiple providers — or from a single vendor that’s not providing satisfactory services — should understand the process of switching. Obtaining a firm grasp of what’s involved will reduce risk and enable the fund manager to set realistic expectations, budgets and timelines. It will also allow the manager to show investors how switching will benefit them.

This checklist gives a summary of the migration process, so you know the right questions to ask and what to expect. Here’s what the checklist covers:


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