Promoting sound corporate governance to reduce global risk: A round table discussion

30 June 2020
As our global economy recovers, the companies that succeed will effectively lower their operational risks, and good governance helps pave the way.

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Corporate governance is more important than ever for organizations of all sizes. As our global economy recovers, those companies that succeed will effectively lower their operational risks, and good governance helps pave the way.  

Strong corporate governance assures customers, potential investors and others of your business integrity. It also promotes regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. Robust compliance controls are particularly important now, when tax, data protection and other authorities are imposing harsh restrictions and stiff fines. And all businesses — particularly multinational organizations with presences in many jurisdictions — will benefit from lean corporate structures in which each legal entity is not only compliant, but necessary and efficiently run. 

In this webinar, three of Vistra’s top corporate governance experts discuss the most important elements of corporate governance and how multinational companies should think about and address corporate governance now. Here are some specific topics they’ll address: 

  • The key, sometimes overlooked elements of corporate governance 

  • Company secretary 

  • Board and committee obligations 

  • Listed company obligations 

  • The importance of entity management and compliance, including the value of using a centralized platform 

  • Policies and procedures 

  • Conducting a corporate governance health check 

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