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26 November 2020
Many of our clients face differing personal and family business situations, and require equally different solutions for the future, while ensuring that their existing and new asset structures are relevant and compliant to regulations.

Client profile: A Mexican high net worth individual who recently sold his business and looks to implement a structure for asset protection and succession planning.

Vistra services provided: Setting up of revocable trust and company, ongoing administration and management of structure in multiple jurisdictions.

Our client, who is a Mexican high net worth individual, sold his business and was looking to implement a structure to protect his personal wealth and establish financial security for his family. He incorporated a Canadian Limited Partnership (Canada LP) domiciled in Ontario to hold bankable assets listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange (also SIC as per its acronym in Spanish). The General Partner of the LP was a company based in the Bahamas holding also bankable assets (others).

Following the recommendations of his Mexican tax advisor, the client approached Vistra to help with the establishment of a revocable trust, to make sure that a proper succession planning structure is in place for his family. As settlor, the client contributed into the trust the shares of the Bahamas company and the limited partner interest in the Canada LP.

Vistra took over the administration and management of the client’s structure in its entirety, including a company in the Bahamas, a Canadian LP and a Trust. Subsequently, the Vistra team has also been requested to incorporate a US LLC to be a private insurance policy holder, as they were highly appreciative of the client-centric and versatile approach in meeting their family needs.

Our Private Wealth Specialists are highly experienced and capable in providing tailor-made and versatile solutions across multiple jurisdictions around the world.

If you would like to discuss how Vistra can help you create, preserve or transfer your wealth, please contact one of your local experts or visit our Private Wealth website.

Location Name and title Phone number
UK Chris Marquis
Global Head of Private Wealth
+44 203 872 7325
China     Sherrie Dai
Managing Director, North Asia
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Hong Kong SAR Yumei Zhang
Executive Director, Head of Private Wealth, Greater China
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India     Navita Yadav
Managing Director, India & Mauritius
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India     Neeraj Aggarwal
Director, Private Wealth, India
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United Arab Emirates Heba Al Emara
Managing Director, Middle East
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Managing Director, South East Asia
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Singapore Christine Tan
Managing Director, South East Asia
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Jersey     Clive Wright
Managing Director, Jersey
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Malta Dr. Anthony Galea
Managing Director, Marine & Aviation
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Switzerland     Sascha Züger
Managing Director, Switzerland
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Director, Corporates, UK
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Sector Head, Private Wealth, Vistra UK
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Managing Director, Cyprus
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Commercial Director, Luxembourg
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Luxembourg Farabi Zakaria
Commercial Director, Luxembourg
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Director, Private Wealth
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Associate Sales Director, Zurich external
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