Preserving Wealth: Adopting a structure to meet relocation needs

20 May 2020
The relocation of High Net Worth Individuals often presents a range of challenges and requires professional assistance to navigate the many aspects involved.

Client profile: A Brazilian HNWI looking to relocate to another jurisdiction

Challenges: Optimizing fiscal impact in the jurisdiction of the underlying companies and current tax domicile of the client, and preserving wealth to accommodate future needs of the family

Vistra services provided: Setting up of Trusts, comprehensive review of corporate structure, corporate secretarial services

A long-standing private wealth client of Vistra was planning his relocation from Brazil to another jurisdiction and engaged Vistra for a comprehensive “health check” of his corporate structure.

The client’s structure was composed of corporate vehicles in various jurisdictions, which hold financial investments, equity participations and real estate. The client’s intention was to simplify the structure, implement a succession planning solution and make the necessary adjustments to preserve wealth and accommodate the future needs of all the family members.

PW Switzerland Case study

A tailor-made plan was developed by Vistra’s dedicated Brazil desk in Zurich, considering legal and tax implications in each jurisdiction and involving local advisors. Once all needed actions were defined, the corporate secretarial work was kicked-off. With our expertise and global network, Vistra was able to implement the changes in the structure in a timely manner and provided the client with a peace of mind by approaching the relocation in a well-prepared and organized manner.

In order to fulfil our client’s requests, the Vistra team approached the case in several aspects, including: optimizing the fiscal impact in the jurisdiction of the underlying companies as well as the current tax domicile of the client, adjusting corporate documents, coordinating with legal and tax advisors, notaries, beneficiaries and the client, and finally settling a Trust to facilitate transmission of assets to future generation in a smooth manner.

As a result of the unique service solutions provided by Vistra and a pleasant experience, a close family member of the client in a similar situation is keen to replicate the solution and has recently engaged Vistra for the services. There is no greater advocacy than an existing client’s referral to their family members, close connections and business associates. This is also a testimony to the exceptional client service and professional execution of the succession planning solutions that we at Vistra provides.

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