Life after Brexit: Four key concerns for multinational organisations

30 March 2021
Four things your business needs to consider in the wake of Brexit

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Companies inside and outside the UK have been bombarded with information about the ramifications of Brexit — from hard and soft borders to business travel restrictions to settlement schemes and much more. 

While these are worthy considerations, businesses everywhere would do well to cut through the noise and take stock of the current status of a few crucial Brexit-related areas. That way, they can operate confidently, efficiently and with minimal risk now that the transition period is over. 

In this webinar, four of Vistra’s leading advisors will address what you should be concerned about now and what to consider for the future to protect your organisation. They’ll cover the following areas: 

  • Global mobility considerations, including cross-border personal tax-residency, visa requirements and the evolving effects of COVID on immigration rules and enforcement. 

  • Data protection and data transfer considerations, including the UK’s GDPR and cross-border data transfers. 

  • HR considerations, including employee engagement in an era of remote work and conducting HR audits in light of Brexit. 

  • International indirect tax considerations, including selling goods online across the UK-EU border and MOSS registration requirements. 

  • Corporate international tax elements such as the need to update transfer pricing documentation.