Digital revolution accelerated by the pandemic

26 October 2020
The ongoing digital revolution has accelerated this year as employers everywhere turn to remote working in response to the pandemic.

Outsourcing companies that had already implemented digitalised business processes have been able to continuously provide their services and help clients thrive in these uncertain times.

Anna Poliszkiewicz, Vistra partner and Poland board member, and Anna Łoś, Vistra director of client services Poland, have published an article for Executive Club Magazine on the subject of how new technologies have turned into an unexpected asset during the pandemic.

Poliszkiewicz and Łoś have first-hand knowledge of the benefits of using technology to deliver outsourced services during the pandemic. Thanks to the secure platforms Vistra uses for the electronic exchange of accounting documentation and HR and payroll data, hundreds of employees were able to start working from home virtually as soon as lockdowns were implemented. The platforms promoted productivity, data security and the ability to socially distance.

The authors observe in their recent article: "The security of the data provided to us has always been a priority in our company. That is why when the entire company turned to home office overnight, our employees could work ‘like from the office’ thanks to the intensive work of our IT team and the implementation of solutions that are adequate for the financial sector, provided by reputable suppliers.”

To learn more, download the article, which starts on page 30.