Creating Wealth: Supporting your personal matters with sensitivity while helping your corporate business expand internationally

28 July 2020
For many established companies running a successful operation locally, expanding internationally still comes with challenges.  

Client profile: A family running a leading enterprise IT platform company  in India, looking to expand their business internationally.

Challenges: Expand the Indian-based business globally, provide financial security to a vulnerable adult in the family, and consolidate their structure under a single umbrella.

Vistra services provided: Setting up companies, family trusts and ongoing administration in multiple jurisdictions.

Our client is a leading provider of enterprise IT platforms, facilitating the higher education sector in screening applicants. Following their success domestically in India, the client is rapidly expanding internationally, especially to the US.

The family was referred to us by an existing client  to assist them with succession and estate planning. There was a particular sensitivity, to address the need for financial security for a vulnerable member in the family, for which we delivered a domestic succession planning structure.

The excellent experience we had with the client on the initial mandate for their personal matters, led to another valuable opportunity where  we were engaged to advise on their international business expansion strategies and legal structure to facilitate taking their operations global. In addition, we provided an analysis of how to effectively structure the company’s intellectual property rights in order to lay the foundation for an effective transfer of wealth between family members. 

Vistra was able to offer value to this client due to our expertise across trade corridors, and ability to support both the client’s global business and personal matters. We are now well established as one of the family’s trusted advisors across both their personal and corporate business interests.  

With deep industry knowledge, Vistra has continued to grow its international footprint and expertise. Having access to a global team of experienced professionals means that whatever you and your family need and wherever you need it, we can deliver effective and sustainable solutions.

If you would like to discuss how Vistra can help you create, preserve or transfer your wealth, please contact one of your local experts or visit our Private Wealth website.