Corporate governance now: Protecting your reputation and growing your bottom line

20 January 2022
Tax and other authorities, along with the public, are increasingly demanding transparency, accountability, and social responsibility from corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

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Investors also consider a corporation’s sustainability record when making investment choices. In this environment, corporate governance plays an essential role in defining corporate purpose, managing risk and increasing enterprise value.

Strong corporate governance promotes integrity as well as regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. Robust compliance controls are particularly critical now, when tax, data protection and other regulators are imposing heavy penalties and a single news story can go viral across the globe in hours. In this ecosystem, businesses and high-net-worth individuals must optimise their corporate structures and promote other efficiencies while also ensuring transparency.

In this webinar, Vistra experts in corporate, private wealth, tax and legal services discuss the important elements of corporate governance for multinational companies and high-net-worth individuals intent on protecting their assets and reputations. Here are some topics they’ll address, with an emphasis on what’s most important in 2022 and beyond:

  • What is corporate governance
  • Why corporate governance is key to defining corporate purpose, protecting brand reputation and unlocking value
  • How governance practices are being affected by trends in ESG, corporate responsibility and philanthropy
  • The importance of regular corporate structure health checks, including maximising synergies following cross-border M&As
  • Tips for strengthening governance
  • The consequences of not promoting strong governance
  • Charlotte Hultman, Global Sector Head, Corporates
  • Christopher Marquis, Global Sector Head, Private Wealth
  • Debbie Farman, Global Head of Legal Services and Global Entity Management
  • Tom Lickess, Global Head of International Tax Advisory