Consolidating fund administration services: How to effectively and efficiently manage the process

10 May 2023
Managing alternative investment funds in today’s global economy is more difficult than ever, with proliferating and changing country-specific regulations, time-zone differences and other challenges.

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One challenge that’s often overlooked is cross-border fund administration, which may involve managing multiple service providers and incompatible platforms. This can in turn lead to inefficiencies, information gaps and financial and compliance-related risks.

Consolidating fund administration across multiple jurisdictions is the obvious solution to the problem. But managing the process — even when it involves just two legacy service providers — can itself be complicated and burdensome.
This webinar provides information on effectively and efficiently consolidating fund administration services and moving to a single provider. Our speakers have extensive experience managing large, complex migrations for global private equity, real estate and infrastructure firms. In this webinar, they’ll cover:

  • The context and process: Understanding key milestones in the fund administration consolidation and migration process
  • Key important steps: 
    • Designing an effective transition project plan and realistic timeline
    • Understanding the role of the project manager
    • Effectively managing internal resources, including streamlining key processes to minimise workloads and increase operational efficiency
    • Implementing effective account data management, consolidating acquisitions and assessing historical data
    • The presentation also includes a case study of an effective migration project
  • Q&A