Case Study: Clarivate and Vistra

22 October 2020
Clarivate is a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics support to its customers. Following a significant global acquisition, the company turned to Vistra to systematically manage its compliance risks for 98 entities in 43 different jurisdictions

Vistra helped Clarivate reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and achieve faster speed-to-market so it could maintain its position as a leading global provider of cutting-edge innovation solutions. This case study highlights the most significant challenges faced throughout the integration process and the solutions Vistra used to overcome them. Here's some of what's covered:

  • Evaluating newly acquired entities to lower costs and promote operational efficiencies 
  • Restructuring compliance processes to align them with the legal and regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction of operation
  • Developing a centralized billing process and maintaining a central data repository

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