You have been re-directed to this website as Nortons Group (“Nortons”) has now been rebranded to Vistra.

Nortons was acquired by Vistra Group in February 2016 and subsequently rebranded to Vistra in July 2016.

The Nortons team, led by Pete Doyle, will play a key role in the management and ongoing development of Vistra International Expansion services business line.  

NIS Global the international association of independent accounting firms set up by Nortons has now been replaced by a new concept called Vistra Alliance. Direct relationships with other former NIS Global members are unchanged. 

Please contact us for more information on Vistra , Vistra Alliance and our multi-country HR, Payroll, Accounting and Tax solutions.

The address and phone numbers remains the same, as shown below, and the full details for the office can be found here.

Vistra International Expansion Limited,
Part Second Floor
NOW Building
Thames Valley Park

Telephone +44 118 976 8980

Email addresses have been updated to [email protected].

For further information about Vistra's International Expansion services, please click here.