Wednesday, 10 February, 2016

Vistra Group Acquires Nortons to Strengthen International Expansion Services Offering

Vistra Group today announced the acquisition of UK-based business expansion services provider Nortons Group (“Nortons”).

Founded in 1993, Nortons specialises in working with fast-growing companies providing a full range of accounting, tax, HR and payroll services. A significant part of their work supports US headquartered technology and life sciences businesses as they set up overseas. Whether in the UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific or LatAm, Nortons’ coordinated international service offering and expert guidance gives their clients the confidence to expand their business operations globally, allowing them to focus on their core business. They also have a strong UK audit practice supporting subsidiaries of MNCs, UK entrepreneurial businesses and also a specialist pension fund audit team.

Nortons has a staff of 80 in-house professionals based in their main offices in the UK and California, USA. Additionally, they are supported by NIS Global, an extensive affiliate network of independent accounting and advisory firms in other countries where Nortons do not have a physical presence.


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