Document Legalisation and Consular Attestation

The process of authenticating documents can be daunting. We arrange attestation of your documents on every step of the legalisation process - from solicitor certification through apostille, translation to legalisation at the foreign representative office.

Working closely with all foreign consulates, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the London Chamber of Commerce and the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce in London, we have established friendly rapport with consular staff who assist us in complex legalisation structures.

We will advise you on preparing documents for legalisation purposes to meet both consulate and governmental office requirements.

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Document legalisation

Our experience in trust, fiduciary and legal services helps our clients save time in the pre-legalisation process. We are not merely a courier of your documents but an expert who presents them to required institutions quickly and efficiently.

There are a lot of different types of documents, which may be of legal significance:

  • government-issued passports, naturalization documents, visas
  • employer-issued work permits and certificates of employment
  • educational certificates and more

It may be for immigration, cross-border work transfer or an application to a school. Whatever the case, an apostille certificate and consular attestation serve as legal proof that the document is valid.

Apostille and Consular Attestation

UK sourced documents will either need to be presented in an original format acceptable to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (“FCDO”), or copies will need to be sworn or witnessed by either a Notary Public or registered Solicitor in the UK before presenting to the FCDO.

Corporate documents from a dependant territory will need to be notarized in the territory of origin and confirmed by the Governor’s Office before submission to the FCDO. The alternative is to send us the original documents so that we can then have copies verified by a solicitor in the UK and approved by the FCDO before submitting to the relevant Embassy for authentication. 

If you need advice, get in touch with our expert team on +44 203 872 7600 or email [email protected].

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