Trusts and Foundations

Cyprus Trusts

Cyprus International Trusts enjoy important tax advantages, providing significant tax planning possibilities to settlors and beneficiaries.

Cyprus trust law is modelled on the English Trustee Act of 1925 and was modernized under the Cyprus International Trust Law 1992, which was subsequently amended by Law 20 (I)/2012. The Cyprus International Trust Law is one of the most attractive trust frameworks in the world – with the added bonus of being within the EU.

Why set-up a Cyprus International Trust?

  • Asset Protection
  • Confidentiality
  • Succession and Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning


Establishing a Cyprus International Trust

With our expertise in setting up international trusts and administering them, we can offer advice on how best to establish and maintain a Cyprus International Trust for an array of needs. A Cyprus International Trust can be set up for asset protection, confidentiality, as well as for estate and tax planning.

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