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The United Kingdom (UK) is attractive for local and inbound investment due to several factors, not least its diverse economy, tax incentives, infrastructure and connectivity. Its reputation for innovation and research has created a favorable environment for industries such as technology, pharmaceuticals, and advanced manufacturing.

Other features that make it an outstanding location are:

  • Robust legal system: The UK has a well-established and transparent legal system, which is crucial for protecting the rights of investors. Investors often prefer jurisdictions with a strong legal framework to ensure their investments are secure and enforceable.
  • Global Financial Hub: The UK is a major global financial centre, home to the London Stock Exchange and a wide range of financial services. This infrastructure attracts international businesses and investors looking for access to global capital markets and financial expertise.
  • Access to European and Global Markets: While the UK has officially left the European Union, it remains an important gateway to European and global markets.

Our services

Our UK team provides comprehensive services for Corporate, Private Equity & Real Estate, Private Wealth and Capital Markets clients who want to establish a presence in the UK or want a springboard to expanding internationally. 

With over 400 employees based in offices in London, Reading, Bristol, and Edinburgh we have operated in the UK for more than 150 years.

Fund managers and investors trust our personal approach to their fund administration and SPV needs, depending on our bespoke solutions to fit their specific requirements. Our fund administration support is integrated with expertise across a range of corporate services and applied to entities across multiple asset classes including Private Equity, Real Estate assets, Private Credit, Venture Capital and Hedge.  Our UK fund specialists are equipped to support clients in all the main funds jurisdictions globally, and our constantly evolving sophisticated technology platforms ensure clients a frictionless experience when doing business in the UK and worldwide. 

From start-ups to multinational corporations, our corporate clients tell us they value our pragmatic approach. Rather than simply advising clients, we provide hands-on guidance and serve as an extension of their team, assisting them every step of the way. Core to that approach is the provision of a local or global account manager who coordinates service delivery, supported by cutting-edge technology. 

While some clients may initially explore other options, they often return to us, recognizing that better opportunities may not be found elsewhere and preferring the quality and reliability of our service. 



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