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    Vistra Q2, Level 7, Quad Central, Triq l-Esportaturi, Central Business District, Birkirkara CBD 1040, Malta

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    +356 2258 6400

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The Republic of Malta is an outward-looking archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, strategically poised at the crossroads of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. With a rich history dating back millennia, Malta is nowadays a blend of tradition, culture and innovation, making it an ideal destination for relocation, invention and international businesses, offering easy access to European and other global markets for individuals and businesses looking to thrive.

Testament to Malta’s outward-looking approach is its membership in the European Union which brings unparalleled advantages to businesses operating from or headquartered in Malta. Complementing Malta’s European Union membership is its membership of Schengen which guarantees unrestricted freedom of movement amongst other Schengen countries without any border controls. In addition, Malta’s adoption of the Euro as its official currency further simplifies cross-border trade with its peers in Europe and nurtures further economic growth. Malta is also a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations and other regional bodies.

Pivotal to Malta’s success is its highly skilled and multi-lingual workforce. English is an official language in Malta; all business transactions are conducted in English and official documents are issued in English, thereby facilitating seamless integration for businesses and families from all over the world. The country’s education system is well-known for producing high quality graduates in various fields, including law, finance and technology. 

Another key attraction is the favourable tax framework, which includes a corporate income tax rate of 35% and an attractive tax rebate mechanism which can substantially reduce the overall effective tax rate to 5%. In order to eliminate double taxation and stimulate cross-border investment, Malta has entered into various double taxation treaties with countries from all over the globe. This fact, coupled with an attractive participation exemption regime, makes Malta the ideal jurisdiction for establishing holding companies whereby dividends and capital gains can potentially be tax-free in Malta. Additional business incentives and other exemptions are available for start-ups and other businesses aiming to relocate to Malta. The country’s resilient financial services sector, as well as rigorous regulations and supervision, have solidified Malta’s status as a key, low-cost financial services hub in Europe.

Our Services

We are a multi-disciplinary service provider with teams of dedicated professionals transforming expertise into opportunity for our clients. Present in Malta since 2010, we provide a wide range of services within the private wealth sector and offer tailored solutions for our clients’ requirements. In Malta, Vistra specialises in the setup and management of Maltese legal entities, such as companies, trusts or foundations. Vistra is also a market leader within the marine and aviation
industry, with services ranging from registration, asset administration to supporting services like accounting and payroll. Furthermore, we also offer bespoke private client services and have considerable experience in assisting clients and their families with their immigration requirements in Malta and in selected jurisdictions.


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