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In the heart of Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary is one of the best situated countries with 93,000 sq. km and a population of 10 million. Hungary boasts a globally acknowledged human capital pool available at a reasonable cost. The country has positioned itself as an ideal location for Shared Service Centres, IT hubs, R&D centres, providing substantial support to Holding Companies at a competitive price point. Hungary offers a range of tax incentives to stimulate investment and
foster innovation. The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) provides substantial incentives to attract foreign investments. Hungary's tax system stands out as a key driver for investment and restructuring decisions. With a Corporate Income Tax (CIT) rate of 9%, Hungary remains highly competitive. Additionally, Hungary imposes no withholding tax on payments to legal entities, and dividends and capital gains enjoy full exemption. 

The Development Tax Incentive regime further encourages companies to invest in research and development activities, aligning with global minimum tax standards. Hungary's Double Taxation Treaties provide favourable terms for international business transactions. 

With European Union law protection and a non-demanding Controlled Foreign Company regime, Hungary ensures a supportive legal framework for cross-border activities.

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Vistra Hungary offers a complete range of company formation, accounting & compliance, reporting, payroll & HR, corporate secretarial and management/ directorship services. A dedicated team of professionals provide tailor-made solutions for our clients. Our go-to-market model and our competitive advantage is that we, uniquely, offer all three of ‘’good, fast & affordable” services.


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