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  • Paris


    33 rue François 1er, 5th floor, 75008 Paris


Located strategically in Paris and with its 15-years of experience, Vistra France serves as a pivotal conduit for clients seeking entry into the robust real estate and private equity markets.

With France holding the distinguished position as the second largest market for unlisted real estate funds and serving as a cornerstone of European private equity, our establishment in this dynamic milieu highlights our steadfast dedication to offering unparalleled access and opportunities.

Furthermore, our strategic presence in Paris affords clients exclusive access to this critical market, bolstering their investment potential and strategic advantages throughout Europe.

Our Services

With a diverse and multilingual team of professionals, Vistra France takes pride in offering top-notch services specializing in domiciliation, administration, and directorship withinthe real estate and private equity sectors.

We are adept at meeting the responsiveness and technicality requirements specific to our clients' needs in France. Our approach emphasizes personalized and tailored service, ensuring client satisfaction. Collaboration is key to our success. We work closely with all of our clients' partners, including law firms and banks, to ensure seamless operations and mutual success.

We understand the importance of remaining closely connected to our clients, especially as their structures become increasingly complex. This commitment underscores our dedication to support and bespoke solutions to meet their evolving needs.


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