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Cyprus is an international business hub known for its well-established legal framework and business-friendly environment. It hosts diverse sectors like finance, shipping, tourism, and professional services, benefiting from proactive government incentives and robust infrastructure. The jurisdiction's appeal is bolstered by its stable political climate, skilled workforce, and strategic location linking Europe, Asia, and Africa.

In recent years, investment has surged due to attractive residence and business schemes offering tax incentives for high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs. The technology sector has experienced remarkable growth thanks to incentives for innovation, research, and reduced personal taxes for skilled workers. Cyprus also offers an ideal work-life balance.

The official language of the Republic of Cyprus is Greek; however, English is widely spoken. Whilst Cyprus is a Common Law jurisdiction, it is also an EU Member State and adheres to EU Treaties, Regulations, and Directives. Extensive double taxation treaties and bilateral investment agreements solidify Cyprus's status as a premier destination for businesses establishing headquarter companies.

Our Services

Vistra (Cyprus) Ltd. has been present in Cyprus since 2006, and is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Reg. No. 74/196) to offer a comprehensive suite of private wealth, corporate and fund services in Cyprus.

With a team of thirty-five qualified professionals, many of whom have been with us for over seven years, we help clients safeguard wealth, expand businesses, and administer funds. This is facilitated
through a robust organizational and management framework, ensuring a steadfast commitment to service excellence and oversight.

We also prioritize employee empowerment, engagement, and teamwork alongside tailored technology solutions. Additionally, Vistra Cyprus supports growth and training in line with evolving regulations to effectively meet heightened demands.

Finally, as a part of an industry leader, we proudly uphold enshrined ethics and values, which safeguards independent decision-making and effective conflict mitigation, thereby reassuring our clients that we consistently apply the highest professional standards across all levels.



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