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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by territorial area and the largest country in South America, where half of the region's wealth is concentrated, being the ninth largest in the world by GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Brazil is one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural commodities in the world, rich inthe Manufacturing Industry, Civil Construction, Energy Production, Oil and Gas, furthermore, its vast consumer market and potential for economic growth makes Brazil one of the destinations moreattractive to foreign investors.

Although it is an attractive market, there are a regulatory and governmental complexities.

Doing business in Brazil therefore requires a lot of knowledge of the local scenario, including accounting and tax processes and operational costs associated with corporate activities.

Our Services

Vistra Brazil is the right partner to support Local Brazilian Companies, Companies in international expansion arriving or leaving Brazil, Corporations and Investments. Ours +100 employees in Brazil have the experience in developing solutions to meet the requirements of any client, from international or local corporations to companies, funds, institutions, investments and investors,offering a wide range of the services.

Vistra in Brazil was born from a local Brazilian office specialized in Brazilian and International accounting with more than 20 years of expertise, experience and client service.

The differential of Vistra Brazil is Tax Technology Solution specialized in Municipal Tax Compliances in more than 5,500 municipalities with different laws, focused on helping large and multi-located companies.

For Brazilian and foreign companies that need to establish themselves in Brazil, we provide corporate governance, financial, accounting, tax and payroll services.

For Corporations, Investment Companies and Investors, with the support of our global offices, we provide Private Wealth and Fund Management services.

Vistra Brazil helps companies set up their business in Brazil while staying compliant with the latest local regulations. Our local experts will assist with your company setup and ongoing growth.



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