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    One Welches, Welches St. Thomas BB22025, Barbados Postal Address P.O. Box 5130 Warrens St. Michael BB28000, Barbados

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    (246) 430 8400


Safe, sunny, sophisticated and solutions-driven, Barbados offers many components desirable for living, working and investing in paradise. Barbados is a mature and increasingly sophisticated global business domicile, offering the professionalism and high level of management necessary to sustain its development.

Barbados stands out as an international financial centre due to several factors, including:

  • Historic political stability and a well-established legal system based on English common law. 
  • An extensive network of double taxation and bilateral investment treaties with various countries, which provides certainty for investors. 
  • Robust regulatory framework which ensures compliance with international standards and best practices.
  • A modern infrastructure, including a well-developed telecommunications network, reliable transportation systems, and access to international airports and ports. 
  • A well-educated and skilled workforce, particularly in accounting, law, finance, and information technology. 
  • Offering a high quality of life, with beautiful land and seascapes, a pleasant climate, and a stable social environment. 
  • Diverse range of financial services entities, including banking, insurance, wealth management, and captive insurance. 
  • A positive standing as a reputable and transparent international financial centre.

Our services

Vistra Barbados provides bespoke business solutions with a comprehensive range of professional services.  We have been instrumental in the promotion and development of Barbados as an international financial services centre from its inception and its expert team has been serving domestic clients in Barbados for over 40 years.

This multi-disciplined team of experienced professionals work alongside you and your engaged professionals from your home jurisdiction to implement the most efficient bespoke structure in Barbados and being one of the leaders on the Island, we understand all the challenges you’re likely to face and our team is ready to manage the right solutions for you

Vistra Barbados offers a range of corporate and business administration services which effectively and efficiently support our clients wishing to access the Double Taxation Agreement and Bilateral Investment Treaty network


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