US beneficial ownership information reporting: A summary of FinCEN requirements

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Global payroll implementation: What happens after you sign the contract?

18 May 2022

Despite lockdowns, political upheavals, supply chain disruptions and other challenges to the global economy, organisations continue to expand across borders, hire local workers and establish local payrolls…


Pillar Two: Are we on the cusp of a global minimum tax?

04 May 2022

The term “Pillar Two” may cause confusion in some corporate boardrooms, but those same board members all know about the push for a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. The effort is…


Luxembourg and Ireland: Two competing or complementary securitisation markets?

07 June 2022

Ireland and Luxembourg are the two main European securitisation markets and each country has over the years adapted their regulatory regime to make itself more attractive. Watch on-demand Webinar…


How private equity firms can retain talent and optimise fund administration

13 April 2022

Staff turnover is a huge challenge for many organisations and the funds industry is no exception. In one 2020 survey of private equity firms, 82 percent said they had challenges retaining talent.…


Poland’s withholding tax requirements: How to manage your risks

20 April 2022

Polish tax authorities have increasingly been focused on withholding taxes. In 2019, Poland adopted restrictive regulations regarding the application of withholding tax exemptions and reduced rates. Employers that don’t comply are subject to serious…

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