Your opportunities in China: Discover more about Free Trade Zones

2 June 2022
China is undoubtedly a leading destination for global investment nowadays. Entry into China’s markets however brings a new set of challenges.

There are more than 20 provinces in mainland China, each representing different policies, practices and processes in terms of foreign direct investment. So what are the best routes to China market entry, and how can businesses be established which provide for cost-efficiency and risk control?

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Webinar Date: Thursday 2nd June 2022 

Time:  8-9 a.m. GMT  |  9-10 a.m. CET  |  3-4 p.m. SGT / HKT

Language: English


Free Trade Zones (FTZs)

Free Trade Zones (FTZs) are options which you definitely can’t afford to overlook. FTZs are special economic zones where goods may be imported, handled, manufactured and exported free from customs controls. Each FTZ in China adopts its own unique industrial and economic focus, and present different incentives and regulatory levels in order to fulfil broader objectives.

China’s Ministry of Commerce reports that in 2021 alone, 21 FTZs contributed 17.3% of China’s total foreign trade and 18.5% of China’s foreign investment. In 2021, the Ministry of Commerce also highlights the key role that FTZs play in China’s opening-up in the form of sophisticated regional platforms.

What benefits can international businesses enjoy through China’s FTZs? What are some of the challenges coming along? Which FTZs would be the right choice for your business?

Please join Vistra’s webinar to further explore FTZ options in China.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Landscape of FTZs in China
  • Highlights on 3 leading FTZs in Shanghai, Hainan province and the Greater Bay Area
  • Live case sharing