Webinar: Setting up a ManCo & new cross-border funds

7 December 2021
If you’re considering setting up a new fund and it’s taking you into new jurisdictions, even if you’ve done this before,  there can be lots of complexity and nuances that could cause issues if you’re not fully prepared. 

To help, we’ve brought together a team of our global PE experts to discuss cross-border complexity across the fund lifecycle. For the first webinar of our two-part series, they’ll be exploring the initial stages of the fund lifecycle focusing on setting up a ManCo and a new cross-border fund. 

In just 30 minutes, our experts will be sharing their experience and what are the most important things to consider at each stage to navigate successfully towards launch.

You’ll hear as they walk through: 

  • US 2021 trends
  • Post-Brexit European distribution – which countries are winning? 
  • Singapore VCC opportunities  
  • Q&A and more


Discussion panel: