Webinar: Global private wealth and the future of philanthropy 2021

31 March 2021
For centuries, philanthropy has played a significant role in how wealthy families give back to the societies in which they live and to causes that they deem important.


31 March 2021

Session 1: 10 AM CET/4 PM HKT  

Session 2: 10AM EST/3 PM BST

In a globalised, technologically advanced world, however, the shape of philanthropy is changing. And the events of 2020, in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic, have potentially pushed philanthropy into a whole new realm.

In a report released early in 2021, we surveyed 225 HNWI and UHNWI from around the world and found that Covid-19 had an immediate and dramatic impact on philanthropic giving. But it is when examining philanthropy in light of the pandemic and what this means for the future that the responses become particularly revealing. 

In this webinar, our global team of Vistra’s private wealth experts will: 

  • review the findings of the global report in detail, discussing the ins and outs as to why some regions may have increased their philanthropic efforts whilst others decreased theirs
  • delve into where the money is going and what is driving the significant shift being seen from passive philanthropy to active philanthropy
  • examine how attitudes vary across age ranges and give their views as to why some of the deep-rooted traditions of old, may now be starting to move in a different direction