Webinar: Best Practices in managing your HR operations in China during the COVID-19 outbreak

20 March 2020
With the increase in confirmed infections of COVID-19 globally, there is greater uncertainty on the future outlook of the macro economy, business operations, and even concerns of one’s personal health and wellbeing. 

For companies that have offices in China, business operations have been undoubtedly impacted by the current outbreak, and there are rising concerns and questions about ensuring employees’ health and safety while ensuring business continuity. With extensive experience in doing business in China, Vistra has first-hand experience and knowledge in dealing with this situation and can share some best practices, including:

Policy Interpretation: The China national government and many provincial, municipal governments have released policies on economic activity and resumption of work. How best can companies implement these policies into daily working operations? 

Employee Productivity: How can you help ensure employees continue to work productively and what are some best practices from a HR perspective?

Business Continuation: How do you ensure business continuity when there is a sudden drop of cash flow, limitations on business travel, and unforeseen fluctuations in the business cycle?

Join our upcoming webinar on 20th March 2020 to hear from our International Expansion and HR services experts in China to give a comprehensive and practical overview on how business can address issues like resumption of work, payroll practices, and flexible working solutions.

The webinar will be led by Ping Chen, Leader of Advisory Services China and Karen Wang, Director of Commercial, International Expansion.

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