Vistra reiterates its commitment to capital markets and launches Loan Market Solutions

13 April 2021
Vistra’s Global Head of Capital Markets, Navita Yadav, relocates to London

Vistra announces today the launch of Global Capital Markets ‘Loan Market Solutions’, coinciding with the relocation of Navita Yadav, Global Head of Capital Markets, to London. 

Vistra is the go-to partner for capital market participants globally and already provides services for debt market issuances, securitisation & structured finance, aviation ABS and tailored loan administration services. By adding Loan Market Solutions to its capital market services, Vistra will be able to provide loan administration services on more complex range of products from debt funds to collateralised loan obligations (CLOs).

“What differentiates Vistra is its in-house capability to service the increasingly innovative, bespoke loans in a cost effective and timely manner. Our in-house experts, proprietary technology, and global reach will create a uniquely positioned middle and back office loan outsourcing capability”, said Navita Yadav, Vistra’s Global Head of Capital Markets.

Vistra uses cutting edge “low code” technology for mobile application and systems development on industry standard, fully secured platforms. This allows swift deployment and provides clients the ability to customise tailored solutions that deliver the critical information and data analytics they need on demand.

“As asset managers strive for yield in a long-term, low interest rate environment, there is an increasing demand to outsource services to specialist providers with readiness to act in rapidly changing market conditions and at a reduced cost. This is where Vistra comes into play to provide a market leading loan market outsourcing solution”, shared William Douglas, Vistra’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Loan Market Solutions is a strong complement to Vistra’s existing capital markets services, which offer efficiency and transparency in a world of shifting regulatory and technological change. Vistra Capital Markets supports issuers, lenders and investors with a comprehensive, customised range of services in key financial centres.

Capital markets is a strategic growth area for Vistra and to lead and further grow this business, Navita Yadav, Managing Director and Global Head of Capital Markets, has relocated to London. This demonstrates Vistra’s commitment to the region and recognition that London is a hub for global capital markets. 

Over the last two decades, Navita has consistently driven revenue growth and profitability of capital markets and financial services businesses in Asia and Europe. She has spent the past decade leading the development of the largest integrated platform to facilitate debt capital markets, securitisation and private debt businesses for Vistra. This has positioned Vistra as a global hub for servicing the long-term funding programs of global corporates and financials. 

Navita carries valuable hands-on experience in M&A and integration of businesses. Her specialties include structured finance and debt issuance across capital markets and loan markets. An expert in risk management and development of technology platforms, she continues to make significant contributions to regulatory frameworks and policy interface.

“I am excited to be moving to London at a time when the global dynamics have shifted. At Vistra Capital Markets, we have carefully built a market leading practice from Asia to Europe, that combines our global presence and proximity to capital market participants, directly with local market expertise and innovative technology. We continue to proactively develop solutions to address the evolution of capital markets globally. 

Being based in London, I will be focusing on expansion and enhancement of our global capital market businesses, particularly in Europe and the Americas while staying close to issuers and asset managers in the region. As a clear demonstration of our commitment to capital markets, I am pleased to announce the launch of Vistra’s ‘Loan Market Solutions’, which aims to directly address needs of loan markets and will provide the much needed one-stop outsourcing solution for CLOs and debt funds globally”, shared Navita.  

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Vistra’s Global Head of Capital Markets, Navita Yadav, relocates to London as Vistra reiterates its commitment to capital markets and launches Loan Market Solutions.