Vistra Guernsey wins 'Best for Offshore Company Formation' Award

6 July 2016
Vistra Guernsey has been awarded the 'Best for Offshore Company Formation' Award at the 2016 Offshore Excellence Awards.

Now in their third year, the Offshore Excellence Awards celebrate the integrity of firms worldwide, covering the full spectrum of offshore business and industry across the seas. These awards highlight both the professionalism of companies working across the global business spectrum, such as legal and financial firms, alongside the grit and skill of the industrial organisations that dominate the seas, such as maritime and oil and gas companies.

Discussing the awards, Coordinator Jonathan Hicks commented: “With these awards we recognise businesses from across the offshore industry, both in the professional and financial services sectors and across the industrial side of the industry. I am exceptionally proud to turn the spotlight on our deserving winners and wish them every success in the future.”