Vistra Dubai Joins Art Therapy Workshops for Children With Special Needs

29 November 2016
In October 2016, Vistra Dubai staff participated in two art therapy workshops for children with special needs, held by START. The workshops were aimed at contributing to the children’s wellbeing and personal development, and to give the children opportunities for self-expression.
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START is a Dubai-based independent non-profit organisation, with the philosophy that the creative process is healing and can help children to resolve inner conflicts. START hosts art workshops for children with special needs as well as refugees and orphans, with the goal of improving their self-awareness and shaping their critical thinking.  

Our volunteers attended the workshops at the Manzil Centre for children with special needs, in the neighboring emirate of Sharjah. We spent time drawing with the children, which proved to be a truly rewarding experience. While our main aim was to connect with the children on a personal level, Vistra also gifted to START to support the foundation’s important work in the Middle East.

During the workshops we produced many drawings and encouraged the children to express themselves through art. It was a wonderful opportunity for our employees to get out of the office and engage with children who are enthusiastic to show off their imagination and creativity.

These children face lives of adversity and we were moved to see how they responded to the creative process. In the short time we were with them, we could observe how art and companionship has contributed to their wellbeing and self-esteem.

Some colleagues of Vistra Dubai expressed an interest to continue volunteering their time with START at art therapy workshops on a regular basis.