Vistra announces a strategic partnership with the AMR Action Fund to help accelerate their work to address antimicrobial resistance

23 August 2021
US and Luxembourg, 24 August 2021 – Vistra announces today a strategic partnership with the AMR Action Fund, the world’s largest public-private partnership supporting the development of new antibiotics.

The AMR Action Fund, a global venture capital fund, is an initiative of the international body representing the R&D pharmaceutical industry (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations, IFPMA), in collaboration with the World Health Organization, the European Investment Bank, and the Wellcome Trust. It aims to accelerate the development of new antibiotics by investing more than US$1 billion in smaller biotech companies and providing industry expertise to support the clinical development of novel antibiotics.

With $370 billion of AUA globally, Vistra supports the AMR Action Fund across their entire fund structure, the management company, the fund, its SPVs and portfolio company investments. These services enable the AMR Action Fund to focus on sourcing the investments across their US and Luxembourg Funds.

Commenting on the partnership, Henry Skinner, CEO at the AMR Action Fund, said “AMR is a global issue that could have public health and economic consequences greater than COVID- 19. We need to act swiftly and purposefully to address the threat and working with Vistra has enabled us to do that. Their solutions and services have been instrumental in helping us build momentum quickly. We value partnering with those who share in our vision and who help create market conditions that enable sustainable investment in the antibiotic pipeline.”

“Combining our global fund administration expertise with our corporate and advisory services into one tailored solution was key to helping the AMR Action Fund to build their operations quickly across the world – ensuring strong foundations were put in place while complying with all the required regulations. We’re delighted that Vistra has been able to provide these essential services so that the AMR Action Fund can focus their efforts on what they do best – making the right investments to address an important health issue,” said Onno Bouwmeister, Vistra Global Head Private Equity and Real Estate.

Vistra works with a number of the leading Private Equity and not-for-profit investment funds around the world. Vistra’s capabilities enable investment organizations around the world to grow, manage, structure and transact their investment opportunities with a range of industry leading services.

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About the AMR Action Fund

The AMR Action Fund is an initiative from over 20 leading biopharmaceutical companies that seeks to invest over US$1 billion, with the aim of bringing 2-4 new antibiotics to patients by 2030. The AMR Action Fund will invest in small companies developing innovative antibacterial treatments. In collaboration with philanthropic organizations, development banks, and multilateral organizations, the AMR Action Fund will strengthen and accelerate antibiotic development. It will also work with governments to ensure there is a sustainable pipeline of new antibiotics to fight superbugs.

The concept of the AMR Action Fund was developed by the IFPMA and its member biopharmaceutical companies, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), The European Investment Bank (EIB), and the Wellcome Trust. Investors in the AMR Action Fund include: Almirall, Amgen, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Chugai, Daiichi-Sankyo, Eisai, Eli Lilly and Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, LEO Pharma, Lundbeck, Menarini, Merck KgaA, MSD, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Pfizer, Roche, Shionogi, Takeda, Teva, and UCB.

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