Vistra Amsterdam's Educational Outing For Children

21 July 2017

In April 2017, 15 Vistra employees welcomed a class of around 30 third grade children in the Amsterdamse Bos to teach them how to enjoy the natural environment, even when living in the city.

They started the day by working with the children to build tree houses, which not only gave them a chance to work on an interesting project but also gave everyone an opportunity to get to know each other. The children were able to use their creativity, using various natural materials from the forest, such as branches, twigs, leaves and soil. After about an hour, all of the teams had built wonderful hideaways in the woods.  

For their second activity, the children got to choose from a variety of different projects designed to teach them how to survive in the woods, from creating a bow and arrow to preparing herb butter. The forest proved to be a great source of facts and fun, which the children really enjoyed.

After a well-deserved lunch break, the children embarked on a more physical challenge – to explore the woods to find the flag.

The day was fun and informative for the children – giving them an insight into a natural environment so close to the city. Many of the participants came from underprivileged backgrounds and this was their first experience in the woods so they certainly made the most of it.

This was a wonderful day made possible by Amsterdam Cares, the creators of ‘Natuur is een feest’, the Vistra employees who helped on the day and, of course, Vistra for making this possible.