Vistra Amsterdam Supports Local Charity ‘Het Open Huis’

15 February 2017
In November 2016, Vistra Amsterdam held their first CSR event at a community centre (non-profit organisation) called ‘Het Open Huis’. Two Vistra co-workers per department were present.
Ams photo

‘Het Open Huis’ takes care of people and families with social problems and/or other problems which influence their return to society. It provides childcare, organises sporting events and meals for underprivileged children as well as their parents. The centre has 70 employees, mostly volunteers, who support the organisation.

The purpose of Vistra’s project was to unite lonely elders with a class of underprivileged pupils in primary school. Our Vistra team and the children prepared ‘broodjes kroket’ (breaded meat croquettes) and other nibbles for everyone to enjoy. When the children and elderly people arrived, everybody was gathered in one of the lounges of Het Open Huis. A welcome speech was given by Eunice Wiel from Vistra, who organised the event, followed by a presentation by Berend Gunink, a social worker at Het Open Huis.  

The children, elderly people and Vistra staff enjoyed a lovely day full of conversation, excitement and laughter. At the end of the day, Vistra also provided the community centre with a donation. The day was a great success for everyone involved. We would like to thank 'Stichting Open Huis' for giving Vistra the opportunity to use their work space and facilities. As a result of the enthusiastic reactions of the participants, the CSR group has decided to repeat this event annually.