Vistra Administers World’s First Regulated Green Fund in Guernsey

15 November 2018
The Cibus Fund LP, managed by ADM Capital Europe LLP which launched last year, has been designated as the world’s first green fund. ADM Capital Europe LLP has a track record of investing in agriculture and the Cibus Fund invests in mid-market opportunities for sustainable food processing and production in Europe, the USA and Australasia-based companies operating in the international high-value food supply chain.

Guernsey Green Fund accreditation recognises funds that have dual objectives of seeking a return for investors whilst mitigating environmental damage. Any Guernsey fund where 75% of its assets by value meet specified international green criteria, including investments in renewable energy, agriculture, waste and transport, can apply for the designation. These aims are increasingly at the forefront of investors’ minds when deciding where and with whom to invest.

As a jurisdiction Guernsey continues to pioneer innovative and relevant products and this latest initiative will prove a popular accreditation for funds as they strive to demonstrate compliance with green fund status in a climate which is increasingly environmentally and ethically responsible.

The lead provided by ADM Capital Europe LLP with the Cibus Fund LP will likely be followed by other managers who want to demonstrate to investors the importance of environmental considerations when framing investment policies. In particular, it is expected that this regime will be popular with Far East investors where the environmental agenda and the pressure from investors to engage in sustainable and responsible investing is growing significantly.

Administrators in Guernsey now have obligations to perform monitoring responsibilities under the Guernsey Green Fund Rules.  For more information about Vistra’s Alternative Investments division, click here.

Vistra acts as administrator to ADM Capital Europe LLP alongside legal advisors Carey Olsen.

For further information please contact Patricia or Julian.