Unlocking Opportunities through Indonesia’s Omnibus Bill

18 February 2021
Indonesia is one of Asia's fastest growing emerging markets which presents abundant opportunities to investors and businesses.

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In an effort to enhance the attractiveness of the country to foreign direct investments and boost job creation, the omnibus bill came into effect in November 2020 to simplify business licensing procedures and changes to manpower laws, among many other changes.
There has been a lot of ambiguity with regards to the details and implications of the omnibus bill, but these are now becoming clearer as implementation regulations and guidelines are now gradually being issued. 
In this live webinar, we have experts from Vistra, KPMG Indonesia and ABNR Counsellors at Law to share insights on the latest updates to the omnibus bill in relation to the tax and regulatory changes, as well as discuss the opportunities and impact for businesses and investments in Indonesia.

Topics covered:

  • Indonesia economic outlook and update on the omnibus bill
  • Legal changes spotlight: Foreign ownership restrictions, minimum capital requirements, labour law etc
  • Tax changes spotlight: tax updates and changes such as tax rates cuts, tax incentives, tax holidays etc
  • Q&A – there will be a live Q&A session