The UK and European loan markets, with a focus on commercial real estate and ESG

16 May 2023
The UK and European loan markets are adapting to a new, rapidly evolving inflationary and interest rate environment. The commercial real estate sector has been affected by these changes and by other factors such as increased ESG demands from regulators and investors.


This webinar will provide a clear summary of the state of the UK and European loan markets with a focus that will appeal to commercial real estate participants. It will include a discussion of important financial and legal considerations for both lenders and borrowers alike. It will also address some of the most critical ESG-related considerations affecting investments and the loan market today.

Our presenters are drawn from a broad range of companies and collectively have an impressively wide range of expertise. Here’s some of what they’ll discuss:

  • The current state of the UK and European loan markets
  • Today’s commercial real estate loan sector from both a capital markets and legal perspective
  • Lender considerations, including the importance of underlying asset quality
  • ESG factors that significantly affect borrowers and lenders today
  • A hypothetical situation: How a Premiership football club might source funding in today’s loan market environment
  • Audience Q&A