Transfer pricing in a post-pandemic (and post-G7 announcement) world: What you need to do now

13 July 2021
The pandemic has lasted for more than a year, and it’s affected the global economy in countless ways, from lowering demand for oil to increasing demand for personal protective equipment. Supply chains, in particular, have been transformed, affecting businesses in all sectors. 

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13 July 2021:   4PM HKT  |  2PM BST  |  1PM EDT

When the pandemic recedes, and related restrictions are lifted, supply chains will not revert to any pre-pandemic “normal,” but they will continue to evolve. Companies must adapt accordingly to remain compliant and competitive. An essential step for multinationals in adapting to the evolving global supply chain realities is updating transfer pricing assessments and documentation. The first step in this process is to firmly grasp the fundamentals of transfer pricing and updated documentation requirements. It may seem to be a simple task, but the devil is in the detail. 

At the same time, multinational groups are asking themselves what the recent G7 announcement means for their organisations, with the proposed global minimum corporate tax rate and reallocation of taxing rights for the largest and most profitable multinationals towards market jurisdictions where sales are made. While a significantly long way to go before wider consensus, agreement and implementation, we will discuss what these proposals may mean from a transfer pricing perspective and what your organisation should be doing to remain ahead of the curve.

Our webinar explores this complex subject matter, including: 

  • The most recent update of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations, including its three-tiered approach to transfer pricing documentation 
  • Recent country-specific and regional changes 
  • Effective and compliant transfer pricing practices 
  • The consequences of non-compliant transfer pricing
  • Pandemic’s impact on global supply chains and the associated transfer pricing thereof
  • Context of G7 announcement on tax – including with a focus on transfer pricing implications 
  • Practical guidance and tips 



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