Re-opening your office: Best practices and risk considerations for multinationals

23 June 2020
How to protect your organization from risk as we return to the workplace and transition to a post-pandemic economy.

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In most countries and for most businesses, returning to the workplace after pandemic-related lockdowns and other restrictions will be a gradual process. Employers will want to protect their employees’ health while reducing regulatory and other risks. Indeed, not only will health risks continue to evolve over the coming months, so too will compliance risks, as country-specific laws and recommendations change to meet shifting circumstances.

Multinational employers must understand general best practices for protecting their employees and their organizations as we return to the workplace. They’ll also need to keep abreast of various local obligations in all their countries of operation. In many cases, health, safety and other regulations will vary not just by country, but by state or even municipality.

In this webinar, our presenters describe some best practices and common compliance requirements related to health and safety. They’ll give examples of U.S. state-level laws to show how employer obligations can differ by jurisdiction, in any part of the world. They’ll also provide guidance and information on how your organization might change certain internal policies as we transition into a post-pandemic economy. Here are some specific areas they’ll address:

  • Health and safety considerations, including office reconfigurations, keeping the office clean and providing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Common employer obligations and risks when bringing former employees back from layoffs or furloughs
  • Remote work considerations
  • Updating policies and practices, including HR, health and safety and global mobility

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