Protecting and promoting equality and diversity in your multinational workplace

25 August 2020
Why your multinational business needs to develop strong internal policies that ensure workplace equality and promote diversity.

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There are many powerful examples of our global interconnectedness and there have been multiple movements — some of the most impactful in recent years — that have highlighted the ongoing disparities we face. And as a result, there is a newfound urgency to ensure we push for equity in the workplace, in particular race and gender equality.

Each country has its own protections related to workplace discrimination, and laws vary by jurisdiction and are evolving. These protections and what they’re put in place to achieve have indeed gained a new urgency all over the world. It’s now more important than ever for multinational organisations to understand their obligations in each country of operation and to implement robust policies.

Despite variations, most developed countries have broadly similar laws prohibiting workplace discrimination. Virtually all multinationals recognise the importance of keeping on the right side of these laws to avoid costly fines and reputational damage, and to embed best practices across the business. Developing strong internal policies that ensure workplace equality and promote diversity is also critical to attracting and retaining skilled workers.

During this webinar, our presenters will discuss:

•        Common protected categories, including gender, sexual orientation, race and age

•        Types of workplace discrimination, including direct and indirect discrimination and victimisation

•        Bias types and how to avoid unconscious biases

•        Developing workplace policies and practices to protect your organization

•        Developing a workplace-discrimination disciplinary process

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