The Polish Deal: What you need to know about Poland’s new tax rules

23 February 2022
The Polish Deal is probably the largest change to Polish tax law since 1990, and all businesses with activities in the country must comply.

In this webinar, four Vistra tax experts summarise the key changes of the Polish Deal. They also tell you what you should do now to ensure your organisation remains compliant.


Here’s what they cover:

  • Tax depreciation of real estate
  • Minimum income tax
  • Profit shifting
  • Holding companies
  • Hidden dividends
  • Limitations on interest deductibility
  • WHT and modifications to the " pay-and-refund" system
  • Tax residence
  • Controlled foreign companies (CFC)
  • Restructurings
  • New tax relief for innovation
  • Investment agreement
  • VAT changes

The webinar is two hours in duration and conducted in English.



  • Andrzej Pietrasik, Head of Tax Services at Vistra Poland
  • Piotr Prokocki, Attorney at law, Tax Manager at Vistra Poland
  • Iwona Krzemińska, Tax Advisor, Tax Manager at Vistra Poland
  • Magdalena Verdun, Tax Advisor, Tax Manager at Vistra Poland