Poland Business Run

30 October 2017
Warszawa Business Run 2017

On 3 September, over 50 members of Vistra Poland participated in the annual Poland Business Run for the second time. Runners were split into teams of five, with each team having to run 21km (4.2km per runner). This year we had one team each from Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan, and seven teams from Warsaw. Although the weather was not ideal for the race, our runners worked their hardest, with the three best teams being Team 9 from Wroclaw (01:41:23), Team 6 from Warsaw (01:42:04) and Team 8 from Krakow (01:45:49).

The race is designed to raise money and support beneficiaries of the Poland Business Run Foundation and other local charities which help victims of accidents, providing them with prosthetic devices, rehab sessions and therapy. A total of PLN 2,650.00 was raised by Vistra Poland this year, and the team is looking forward to getting involved again next year!