Navita Yadav Featured in Securitisation & Structured Finance Handbook 2019

21 September 2018
Navita Yadav, Global Head of Capital Markets at Vistra, is featured in the 2019 Securitisation & Structured Finance Handbook.

Her article ‘growth of ABS opportunities in Asian markets’ looks at how the global capital market landscape has gone through a tremendous transformation with the Asia region developing into a more sophisticated market.

Navita says: ‘In Asia, the regulatory and market frameworks governing securitisation are relatively nascent. Domestic securitisation markets are more active relative to their cross-border counterparts. Cross-border issuance, which is only a fraction of US and European issuance, dropped sharply post 2008 as the market for CDOs (which accounted for the bulk of Asian issuance pre-2008) virtually shut down. It is worth noting that, as long as Asian corporates will be able to obtain cheap funding in their local capital markets, they will not look to cross-border securitisation deals.’

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