Luxembourg’s “New Law” Introduces New Filing Fees

29 November 2016

Following the introduction of the Luxembourg law dated 27 May 2016 (the “New Law”) earlier this year, new filing fees will be levied as of 1 January 2017.

The “New Law” affects filings to the commercial register by increasing the efficiency of the filing process through the implementation of a new publication platform called RESA. However, as a result new filing fees will be introduced on all entities subject to and governed by Luxembourg corporate law and regulatory requirements; these are as follows:

Date of filing after 
close of fiscal year

Filing fee

0-7 months


8 months


9-11 months


12 months



As these will only be implemented on 1 January 2017, any backlogged filings submitted before 31 December 2016 will benefit from lower filing fees. Vistra Luxembourg encourages filings to be submitted before this deadline and can assist clients with these.